Beck’s Beer Label

The client

The Beck’s beer Art Label Campaign gives artists the opportunity to provide designs to replace the brand’s label design. It started in 1987 with Gilbert and George. Since then Beck’s has been a champion of the contemporary artist. Hirst. The Chapman Brothers. Emin.

In 2018 it gave the opportunity again for 6 urban artists to create their own beer art label for Beck’s beer. Art+Believe were approached and set out to convert their trademark style into a creative and impactful label design.


Beck’s has a strong legacy of creative thinking and a positive affinity with the art world. They have a reputation for embracing artists, both established and emerging by providing them with a canvas that covers the world to showcase their artwork.

In 2018 they produced two million bottles of beer bearing the designs from six enthusiastic artists, one entity being – Art+Believe.


Art+Believe’s commissioned piece has been used on the Beck’s bottle label and Beck’s glassware, most notably their distinctive pint glass.

Their design has also featured on bar counter-mounts, glass matts and beer taps. As well as being displayed in promotional print material and in the ontrade (pubs) and off-trade (off licences) throughout the UK.


Our collection of artists eye-catching designs celebrates creativity and helps our customers tap into the trend for bespoke, limited edition packaging. Tatiana Stadukhina | Marketing Director | Beck's Beer