Alexandra Palace

The Client

The Alexandra Palace Charitable Trust commissioned Art+Believe to create a relevant and exciting decorative piece of artwork to be painted onto the concrete areas of the new East Court Floor.

Built in 1875 the palace is one of North London’s most iconic and jaw dropping pieces of architecture. Open to the public, it contains a concert hall, a museum, lecture hall, art galleries, library, banqueting room and a large theatre.



When Art+Believe were approached by Alexandra Palace to create this mammoth piece of permanent horizontal artwork across the whole of the East Court floor, they were filled with overwhelming excitement and determined deliver one of their most impactful pieces of artwork ever.

Being commissioned with a project of this scale that’s going to span 1200 square meters you know you’ve got to create a spectacle that will make people stop, stare and smile.

They wanted to enhance the visual impact of the space, celebrate and encourage an appreciation of the Victorian building’s heritage and architecture. Whilst appealing to a contemporary audience.





Charlotte + Dan, from Art+Believe:

“When we were introduced to this project one of the most exciting elements was the history of Alexandra Palace.

We loved the fact that throughout history it has always pushed boundaries and taken risks through art, music, theatre and dance, pioneered by the Victorian spirit.

We had to create an artwork that was bold, fresh and exciting, taking inspiration from the past, whilst creating for the present”






The project took a year of planning. There was lots of research, experimentation and two way dialogue with the team at Alexandra Palace.

Throughout the process there was a clear vision to achieve a functional and aesthetically beautiful piece of outstanding floor artwork. Art+Believe knew they had been commissioned to put their signature on it, but also because they respected the Victorian building’s architecture and heritage.

The artwork was finished on schedule and opened to the public in December 2018. In March 2019, the project was entered into an won the RIBA Conservation Award 2019.




Upon Project Completion:

Emma Dagnes, the Deputy Chief Executive of Alexandra Palace:

“The floor that makes the East Court Sing”

Matt Somerville, Architect from Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios:

“Stunning – truly in the spirit of Ally Pally and a great statement of intent for the future of the space”