We Create


Art+Believe’s trademark style incorporates horizontal, geometric design, with vibrance and symmetry. Developed over ten years whilst travelling the world, they now apply their art across a variety of different types of places, including but not limited to: Workspaces, Buildings, Public Areas, Floors and Labels.

Hero Walls | Make An Impact


Do you have a space that you could imagine hosting an incredible piece of artwork? Somewhere you want to inspire others, make a statement and take peoples breath away.

If the answer is yes, then let’s talk about how we could create something unique, impactful and jaw droppingly explosive either inside, or out.




Workspaces | Things are changing


People spend a lot of time at work. In recent years we’ve seen more and more investment in the use of colour and artwork in working environments.

Gone are the times where art investment comprised of a framed signed football shirt above the boss’s desk. An appreciation for art in the workplace is a proven game changer when it comes to creating a working environment that thrives.

Every Art+Believe design is unique from big a ‘Hero Wall’ effect, to applying little themed details throughout the building.

Buildings | Show your inside out


Art+Believe’s artwork has always been created with the view that it is to be shared. It’s an expression of passion that has evolved and grown throughout their movements and experiences.

What better way is there to share artwork than to apply it to a building? Their style always pays respect the building’s heritage, it’s form, angles, contours and equally to the surrounding landscape.

Their artwork for buildings can be applied both horizontally and vertically, internally and externally.


Street Art | Sharing Is Caring


Some of Art+Believe’s proudest commissions have been the application of their designs in the form of Street Art.

They’ve created pieces of artwork for both commercial and community driven projects in over 16 countries and throughout the UK.

It could be a permanent application, or a piece of art for an event, festival or exhibition; their work is always outstanding and relevant to a place and time.

Floors | A Birdseye View


Creating artwork for floors is one of Art+Believes greatest passions.

Their geometric designs and precise method of painting adds a unique style that has complemented the architecture of high-rise rooftops and the floors of heritage listed establishments that they have been commissioned to work on, such as Alexandra Palace.

Their pieces of floor artworks can be applied permanently and temporarily, adding vibrance to structures and mesmerising birds eye views.

Label Design | Applying Art to Products


As well as being freestyle artists and masters of the brush, Art+Believe also have remarkable graphic design skills and enjoy working with their artwork style in digital format.

Recently they have been commissioned to design beer bottle labels for the globally recognised Beck’s beer brand, as well as UK craft beer manufacturer Bison Beer.

Their label design work is not limited to drink brands and can be applied to a host of products and services that want to add an edge to their identity.

Collaborations | Working Together


Art+Believe regularly work in collaboration with other people and organisations to produce exquisite creative productions.

From photographers and drone videographers to people in PR, marketing and teams within organisations that want to include them in a project.

Working with other like minded creatives and people of vision has seen their network develop expedentially. It’s a way they love to work and they look forward to building and developing that as they evolve.