About A+B


Dan and Charlotte founded Art+Believe some ten years ago in 2009. Their artwork has been influenced as a result of their travels, where they have designed and created artwork in numerous continents throughout the world. Their intuitive flair has organically evolved as they’ve visited new places, drawing from their inspirations; nurturing and developing the style they are know and admired for today. 

Art Brings People Together

Both Charlotte and Dan are highly creative artists in their own right. When they joined and started painting alongside each other they became Art+Believe. Their relationship is more than that of a crew, they are together in every sense of the word and have travelled the world creating breathtaking pieces of artwork.

Their first collaborative commission was in Brazil, South America. They have since produced bright, colourful, breathtaking geometric murals in over sixteen countries.

Believing that Art is there for all to enjoy, you will forever find them working on both commercially and community driven initiatives.


Respecting Buildings + Landscapes

They’re a professional outfit that take their work seriously, at the same time their outlook is always open. They love to really push the boundaries with people and organisations that are prepared to take a risk and allow them to produce something that’s creative, unique and different.

Each piece of artwork they produce pulls on influences of their previous commissions and movements. They fuse this with ideas that are complementary to the heritage, angles and form of the building or landscape to which their artwork is applied.


The Bright Side of Life

Their work keeps them excited, making a space or a place more dynamic and fun. This is what gives them the vision and energy to keep on evolving and creating vibrant artwork that makes people stop and stare.

If you are intrigued as to what a space you have could be turned into by Art+Believe, then it’s time you got excited and start to imagine.

Based in Brighton UK they work locally, throughout the UK and are keen, experienced travellers.

Let’s talk about your next creative project.